Google social network.

Well, I learned a few more things about the Google social network site yesterday.

First, when you are on your main page, you click on communities. From there, you can do a search for groups or clubs. When joining communities, you can start a post or share a post. When clicking on a members page or doing a search for one, you can just comment on that post of that member. Now I realize why I could not post what I desired, or start up one, in certain areas. It was because I was not in the communities for books, or what not.

Also, I was receiving a huge amount of mail from these communities. I did not realize, that you could shut this down just by clicking on "Notifications off or on" selection on the top left corner of the communities page. I turned them off, as there were too many e mails coming through just after a few hours of time.

So, you learn as you go. Maybe Google software designers are listening to my posts, and timing me... Just to see how slow this bugger is catching on to its site applications.

I am a little farther in understanding today, than I was a few days ago. Thank Goodness. There was a time I was going to abandon that site too.

Nothing should be made complicated. I am still trying to figure out what 'hangout' means on this site. And what does the clicking on "inner circle", "friend", and all that stuff mean?  Maybe someone will help me out later on.

The book business on my side, has taken a real stall. It has quietened down, on my Goodreads giveaway which is the link below:

I was going to start to write Part 4 of "The Supermarket Guy", but decided to wait as this lull may last for a bit. Just that I am waiting to see how many sales I receive, to be able to produce this next humor novel. If sales do not rise to a certain number ( I always said I needed approximately 800 sales), I may not even finish Part 4. Truly, if this Part 3 does not succeed, I will give up on this endeavor. It is a money losing situation for yours truly. I truly believe that humor, or at least my brand, does not sell very well.

Till next time...


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