"The Supermarket Guy III: Supermarket Dominium" doing good.

Part 3 has out shown Part 1, and even Part 2 in the giveaway this far. I nearly have 100 people ready to read it, which is far beyond what Part 2 could garner at the time of its release.

And the book cover is not even up yet. I have been waiting, and waiting, for the book cover. Yet, it maybe here only in a week or two.

I did not realize what the publisher meant, by saying it would be in process on my correspondence. It meant, it is still going through the hoops at the publishing house. Same as the second draft. Still have to wait a week or so,  but the process is on time, from what I gather from the people who work there.

Besides that, we have been getting allot of rain in New Brunswick. Not much time to do any yard work outside. The next two days are exposed to be sunny throughout the Atlantic region.

Part 3 has really shined. Not like Rihiannas diamonds, but like a glimmer of hope. It is doing really well, and it is not even published yet.

And I was wondering if it was because I changed the theme of the book. A more sinister one, for the main character to go up against? Is it because it is a bigger book than the other first two I had written? Or is the title catchy? Or something.

I did something right this time... That is all I know, right now.. Till next time.. Oh, do not forget to enter my contest down below, just a few blogs down... It is so easy for a chance to win!!!


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