Facebook e mailed me back today.

Do not get me wrong. Facebook is a good site, it has great strengths. I believe it is a great place for business people to access the millions of people ripe for the picking up of their products.

They asked again for a picture in this e mail, and my date of birth, and government ID or maybe two business type IDs.

Now, they promised to delete these IDs after they were done with them. Or shred them.

How can I trust where this is coming from. And are the Facebook employees trained to handle private information. Do they have supervisors, supervising their actions and double checking if the information is deleted promptly.

I do not know, nor will I ever know. And, I do not trust their employees in handling sensitive information.

I only trust governments, to handle my information. And that is pretty much it. Ok, the banks too. Any institution where they have proper training in privacy matters.

Facebook did have a few leaks of phone numbers awhile back, and peoples e mails, from what I heard on the news awhile back. Showing all of that to millions of people.

What else did I personally seen on facebook. I seen peoples political affiliations, friends, music preferences, where people like to shop, where they like to vacation. Just by clicking on peoples icons, you can see, well, nearly everything. I could see peoples likes, political stances on certain issues, brand likes, so on and so on. What a great marketing tool! It is great for the dark side of the moon, too! Theives and cons.

And, I found it to be a mostly intrusive program. They asked for you to put a star on your closest friends. To me, all friends are equal in life. Of course, even if you had close friends, why would you put a star and tell the world their are two standards for friends. I found that funny.

It is sad. Facebook could have found out, so much about me.. So much.. Alas, maybe some other day!

Till next time.. Oh, and do not forget about my awe inspiring giveaway just a few blogs below..


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