The best start for a giveaway I had ever had!

My recent giveaway from Goodreads, has had the best start of the three giveaways that I had put on there thus far.

This one has gotten 200 people joining the contest in just 2 days. The Part 2, only garnered 150 or so in the first two days of the contest. As the book fades to the back, I expect less hits than ever. This will dramatically go down after more newcomers come into view. Only when the book reaches the end again, will the hits dramatically go up again.

This contest has done very well, so far. It probably garnered 3/4 of the hits, many more than allot of the novels just listed at about that time. But yet, there are still 1/4 that had much more success than my  novel.

I am still not at the top of the pack, but the book has done well there so far.

I am waiting for my book cover to come in, and the second draft to be read. Then it is off into production mode.

Once again, the Goodreads link to the giveaway is right here -

and once again, Just look below, there is a giveaway just on this site. Just add to the comment section below, and you could win a book!

Till next time...


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