Facebook and its request for a phone number.

This afternoon I could not get into my facebook account. It required a phone number. Which I reluctantly gave out. Then, the phone number would not go through.

So then they wanted an ID piece. Even maybe a passport. Drivers license? They got to be out of their minds.

Do I trust their security that far, as to give them a piece of my government issued ID? I do not think so. That is none of their business, and I was quite insulted when they asked for it. It is only a social networking site. A upscale chat engine.

And talk about a hard time, just getting to their feedback options. What a maze. Really worst than those press this number, then press that number, bull s---.

I told them what I thought. Take my page off of the facebook right away, if they were not prepared to allow me to go visit my page with my own name, and password content. It is not as if I was spamming on there, or doing anything illegal.

It is going to be interesting when they e mail me back. I am interested to hear what they say. I was just getting used to using some helpful features on there, when they blocked me from going on my page.

All these social media sites are starting to get worse and worse over time. With an IP address from your computer, they truly know where everything is coming from. Really.

Well, time to go. Remember down a few blogs below, to visit my book contest right on this blog. Till next time..


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