A beer can can make many gifts!

A beer can. Do it anyway you can. Chrome them up with paint, punch a hole to make a candle holder, or just plain use them as stuffed ear muffs this winter. Be cool. Use a beer can!

Cut off the top of it. With one of those tried and tested true gadgets, the neanderthal can opener.

Use it as a flower pot. A pencil holder. Better yet, cut a smaller hole out of the bottom of it, use it as a beer funnel guzzler.

Beer cans. Send one to your mother in law, empty, of course, cut two small holes in the sides to push a pencil through the flat sides, and wind yarn around it for an hour or two after you are done finishing your other beer. Place a nice message under the yarn, like, 'I love you', or just plain 'remember me in your inheritance', or the famous 'bring a case over when you visit' really gives them great holiday gift ideas.

Beer cans. A message of peace and hope, for all to desire. How about not even bothering with fortune cookies this holiday season. Just write something heady, over the top, on a long string of paper and push it into that beautiful drinking hole on top.

Some beautiful inspirational feel good X mas messages that I have thought of this year goes as follows:

"When the ashes fall from the chimney pipe, and Santa gets all dirty, make sure you have lots of detergent at the ready so I can go and steal some from yeah"

"Rudolph's nose is so red and shiny, but so is big uncle Als hiney when he drinks some moonshiney"

"Frosty sure can melt, but so does my heart when you clean and gut out some smelts"

Beer cans. Remember to buy many for that special gift in someones heart. Remember tin man. I am sure if he had a few beer he would have many smarts.


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