The guy who had two brains

"While I was on Mars, I realized that there was no outside restroom or play areas out and about the red planet. No dumpsters to collect unwanted trash. No ash trays to squash my super cigar made out of willow bark and recycled tires. This made me believe that I was truly sent up this way for a reason. Not only for my superior looks and brain power, but to make Mars a better place!"

All of the men and women from Genius Ville applauded in hysteria. He then raised his right hand and fluttered it in order to calm down the crowd that was so highly admiring him.

"Well, I took out a few of my luxurious cow bovine gelatin filled cushion relaxation chairs, my carbon fiber umbrella that should last a few thousand years, and then placed my smart TV across two electronic saw horses for a table for visitors to sit down and enjoy the view!"

Someone yelled out of the crowd "Can I be the next visitor to Mars, Braincell?"

Braincell winked at the person in the crowd "If you can answer the skill testing question of how many protons can fire from my proton gun, then you can very well probably come with me on my next voyage as an honoury ship swabbie! But, you all did not ask what did I do in order to answer the call of nature on the beautiful planet!"

Everyone sighed and shrugged their shoulders "You are too genius for us, oh wise one. Please tell us!"

Braincell continued "Well, nature was calling. And I sure held it in, every time I went on a long voyage from my brain ship, for up to 24 hrs a day when on the other side of the planet. Well, I had to make a restroom halfway to my brain ship. My bladder was like a hydrogen bomb, about to go off. So, I ran back to my brain ship and ripped off one of my 3ooo gallon fuel tanks from my ship. I then ripped into the surface of Mars with my solar jackhammer, and left an open hole big enough to do both things. My weight was not half, but one quarter after exhausting my bladder contents into that big tank! But do not frett, there is still enough room for all of yeahs to hold it in until you get to Mars to have a whizz in my Mars park that I have so unselfishly created for all of you!"

The people of Genius started to clang on their musical triangles again, jubilant at the chance to go to Mars and pee in this great mans park!

(The Supermarket Guy 4 needs your help now! Get out the news to your local politician now, before it is too late!)


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