The leader of the small island of post island at the Paris Climate talks

Abojumbo sat down at the head table at the world climate talks in Paris. He laid down his empty ceremonial whiskey flask, rolled out his worn scroll of papyrus as all the world leaders watched in awe as a few black colored butterflies rolled out. He motioned for the usher for to fill his bottle of whiskey, but the usher just shrugged his shoulders as Abojumbo stared down at his curled up scroll. He began to speak.

"Great leaders of the world. Great energy absorbing sponges of the Nations! It is me, Abojumbo and I have come to proclaim our sudden urgency. Sure, our land has the most house risen on posts in the world! Come and visit us, spend your money, as you will see through our specialty made glass floors a few sharks, and octopuses playing under our home at high tide.... At low tide, we can go out and fetch our supper after a few tuna lay bellied up outside of our coconut trees"

All of the great leaders gasped and sighed at Abojumbos plight... One of them got up and screamed "We can build a great wall around your island! Keep out the waters on hightide! Those blackened butterflies suggest their is a coal seam on your island? Can you export some to us?"


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