Beer caps make great Christmas Presents!

Yes, just like you I was out in the malls spending money like it was going out of style. Buying lots of pots, pans for the ladies and cigars for my pals! That is until I cracked open a few cases of beer one night, and in drinking the last one and sniffing the last cork of that empty brewskie, that it made me finally understand that the answer was right in the palm of the hand that very Dec. 24th Christmas night during Christmas mass. Well that evening I crawled into the house, elated with a headache that only a point of rum would heal. I went to work right away, like Santas little elves.

The beer cap!

The beer cap. I made a set of earrings out of a few Budweiser beer caps!

I then set out to make a few dime holders for my anxious cousins out of them too! A set of Coors beer cap dimeholders! Who would have thought!

Earphones. I sure went to work big time on that one, wiring all of the caps up in HiFi fidelity! A great gift for my non alcoholic friend Blurpatus. Miller beer caps went into that one!

Nose plugs. I had to cut off the sharp ends of the caps, but with a little foam and crazy glue, they work great until you haul them off.

Finger protectors- Stick them on, and go play the piano!

Nipple covers.  Ok well you get the drift, for men too!

Nut protectors... Get a long string and wrap em around!

Eye wear... Put holes in the center and string em around your head, Ed!

Need I say more!  This Christmas, get out there and do the beer cap thing! I did it and was a huge success at the Christmas family table ( I got the turkey plate with the leg), and gave grandmother some beer caps to use as a dipping tool for her extra chisely cranberry sauce!!!

(The Supermarket Guy 4 still delirium. Help needed.  Somebody?)


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