Using the Google thing a ma bob.

Using Google so far has been a good experience, but I still find it difficult to use. But, I am still new to all its new intricacies and what not.

I love their web page designs, and formats. It does have a certain appeal to it. Yet, I am surprised on when doing searches for who is on in my local area, how few people are using this service.

It appears Facebook truly is the number one social conversing network. So, I added a few book clubs, some with a few thousand members. I did not see a whole lot of activity on these Google friend sites.

The thing that bothered me was how hard it seemed to post something you wanted to post up into other highly popular sites.

You have to become a member in some sites. That is fine, for private sites (much the same as Facebook for clubs). Then, even for ones you follow, like Oprah and what not, it appears you have to post under someones post. Just put down what you think about it. Maybe I am just not used to, or do not know how to post on another Google friends or clubs page.

I seen some of the posts that I did put up on Book clubs did stay there.

The thing I hate about all of these media sites, is the difficulty in accessing your own home page. I should be able to click on my icon, without it saying ( oh do you want to 1. change picture. 2. update this or that..) and take me right back to my home page.

As all things, it will take some time to get used to. And I am totally unsure of the benefits of this service to me, right as it stands now.  I will try to figure the clumsiness, the bulkiness, of this site out.

Maybe just that I am a slow learner.... But should all sites be easy, and quick to catch on to?

Till next time.. Oh, and 107 people set to read my book.. Thanks to the readers!


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