Part 3 is in the final phases.

The second proof is soon to be done. This is what look like once printed off in the book.

If all corrections from the first proof has been done well, this should be a fairly speedy process. I should receive this second proof in a matter of a week or more.

I am surprised that I had not received the cover work yet. The book cover, I thought, usually did not take this long to get approved. It will come, but I just do not know when.

Last night, I sent in the files as a bitmap. Or bmg, not sure what you call it, but the errors did not go through. I had to use microsoft paint to change the bmg into jpeg, which was an easier format to send through the mail. Less memory storage per slide per error.  It eventually went through.

Just this alone probably cost me 10 hours in the production scheme of things. Especially when they people at the publishing house are busy as it is, and they forget to e mail me back that they had not received the file. All day I felt something was up. I tried to e mail again the message as bitmap, but then a small warning came up that it could not be sent, MB too high! So I had to change it all to jpeg. It was easy to lose this warning, as I probably got up from the computer to do some chores right after sending the first message, and did not see the warning pop up then go away rapidly as it did.

Oh well. Live and learn.. Till next time..


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