less than a month and a half until Part 3 is released.

The other day at work, a few fine gentlemen asked me how the book business was going. I honestly told them that a Part 4 was more than likely not in the works.That up to this point, Part 3 has been ringing up business in the giveaway contest that I had placed it in, but not as much as other books in the same realm and in the least amount of time.  Another guy said he would like to have a copy of Part 3.

This obviously tells me a few things, early on in the onset. First, that several books were getting higher views than mine within a months time. Do not get me wrong, there are several books below mine in contest attendance. Which is the number I am gauging. Dan Browns new release, Inferno, has approximately 10000 or more sign ups to win his book. Mine at this time was approximately 350 sign ups. Of course,  he is a big name in the book world. That is to be expected. But I was hoping for to reach at least a thousand in sign ups.

There is nothing spectacular happening with the registered contest attendance per book so far. I am still in the middle of the pack, and this suggests that my book will just be an average one once again.

This leads much doubt into my production of Part 4.  It may end with Part 3, and that is as far as it will go. But yet much satisfied with the outcome of the series, as Part 3 truly capped it off personally for me in a good way.  Yet in Part 3, there is room for a Part 4. I put it in there specifically for that, and surrender is never truly on a writers mind.


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