First proof in. I found 9 errors!

The first proof is in. I have found 9 errors in the text. Things that spell check would never find, as the words are words, unfortunately just the wrong words to go there.

A "the" where a "they" should be, a 'steam' where a "stream" should be.

I will have to go through the old copy I sent in, to see if they were my errors or errors done by the publisher. I am assuming I had done a few, and they had done a few also. I will recheck tomorrow.

So to reopen for correction, it will cost 25 bucks and 2 bucks per correction. It has to be corrected.

I have to fax the pages with the errors on, and probably send them in. I think that is the way it was done with Part 2 and so on.

I even find with where they corrected, it is underlined in red on the old copy, so it makes it somewhat easy to figure out if it was me or they that went wrong.

In one area, it looks as if windowpanes is one word which is correct, but it looks as if the window and the pane are not lined up. It stands out in the text. Maybe a computer glitch.

Have to recheck this tomorrow, but I am finished with the bulk of corrections now...

Till next time....


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