2nd pass is in! Last stage to print!

2nd pass has been returned to me, for Part 3. This is the last chance to make corrections. Alterations, but of course with a cost to me. Once again, a 25 dollar charge to open it up, and a 2 dollar charge for each correction. In the first pass, I had to pay to get a few errors fixed up.

This second pass I will re check, reread, to verify if most of everything is alright. Then I expect my cover, website, should be done within due time accordingly.

I have not been on here that much, as things are pretty much winding down. I really had not much to talk about, as the book business has been relatively slow for this cat.

My contest has approximately 400 contestants, as compared to 13000 for Dan Browns Inferno. Wow. What a difference! On the same site, and even with his contest of being of a lesser duration than mine.

I am pleased at my results, even though I am still average in the book contest rankings. This Part 3 did do much better than Part 2 and Part 1 combined, although Part 1, as I have said earlier, did not even get a chance to have a contest. I just did not know about the process at that time. And, am still new to the game.

Till next time...


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