When playing with lifes rules, sometimes you just can't win.

I was at a hand of 125 a few nights ago. Auction, that is. There was a 30 for 60 bid for game. Since both teams were at 100 or so, and fearful the other might make it, the dealer held. That was the last bid you can make in 125 auction, or at least at our game. The team that went 30 for 60 won every bid, and won the game. Therefore, sometimes you cannot get past the rules that are set out in front of you. I am sure the other team would have liked to circumvent the outcome somehow. But all the cards fell into the dealers hand to win the game.

Same thing as life. You are given a hand. You play out the cards. Some the right way, maybe a few the wrong way. In the end, the results come back. What we are left with, is sometimes what we could not avoid, good or bad.

Destiny, fate, whatever you call it. We all try our best to attain a certain standard in life. We have to maintain it, there is no doubt. But the rules of the game are there hiding in the walls, under the beaten cement, and all around. They truly dictate the outcome of allot of things. Things we cannot escape.

Just a philosophical rant... Enough beer already!


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