Two days until release of Goodreads Giveaway!

July 25 th my Goodreads giveaway should be ready to go.  I had problems downloading a cover there, as the image was too large for the book cover. I will wait until the cover comes back from the publisher, and try it again later this week.

Besides that, I seen a few blips of life of my book from Barnes and Noble. Part one blipped up from 1100000 to 550000 in rank, then fell back to 1020000, then back to 990000 in rank for the E Book.

My ranking for Part one from Amazon ranking is still at 7 million or more. This book has fallen from the 550000 rank I had in late January or so.

The Barnes ranking is nice, as it does tell me I may have sold one or two. That is all it takes to get a large amount of movement like that.  Amazon ranking is also nice, as it tells me I am really making zero sales on the site. From what I was told, it does not take into consideration other sites sales. I assume Barnes is much the same.

I was thinking of having another contest on here, I may give it another try this next week.

Till next time..


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