The Grande Finale?

Will this be the last book out of my conundrum? It just depends on my last book, "The Supermarket Guy III: Supermarket Dominium", and how well it is received.

Did I go far off into left field with this one. I do not believe so, but it does follow the same humor lines as the first. I like to try to count the amount of humor episodes in a book, and this one is probably the most I had ever tried to put down on paper. I was surprised, at the amount that was packed in Part 1 for the amount of pages that did exist. Funny scenarios, great material, maybe never to be surpassed. A 4.68 average on 5 does not lie. It is the highest average out of the two first books, with a 4.2 average for the second.

I may advertise when Part 3 does come out. It is a last ditch effort to garner some sales, after all. I did not advertise with the first two, always contemplating the outcome of throwing money into a pit. Not sure if it would do any good. Would it?

I think I was counting on pure luck, or some sort of exposure somewhere, to do the trick. People are just not interested, in my book series. Part 3 is the last shot at trying to develop a mass appeal to the series. It is a long shot, and the last one for this cat if things do not pan out.

The book world does turn ever so slowly. This is one thing I am very much sure of. Soon I will be putting everything in reverse come close to December. Packing it in, as the skies may not open up anytime soon. Rain or rainbows in the next forecast?

Till next time...


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