Part 3, the first draft, sent in to the publisher.

Part 3, Supermarket Dominium, has been sent into the publisher. I will get the second draft probably within a month. From there, it should not take that long.

Some things that were creating difficulty for me. English vs American spelling. Jewellery, vs Jewelry, harbour, harbor, and just about any word that has two l's in the English language, there is only one l in the American.

It is produced in the USA. Therefore, I went with the USA spelling arrangements. I just wish that there would be a half and half sort of agreement on the two types of English spelling. Also allot of words were super was used, the super was added on to the word it was just ahead of it. I did not think in many instances, that this was normal, but maybe I was just not used to it.

It is gone now,  departed for format into a paperback version style of things. Soon the book cover will arrive. Soon, it will be sold everywhere.

And, I did brush up on some of the text. I found it once again to be drab in certain areas of the book. I tried to maximize the laughter effort. I hope that I have succeeded. Only the critics can tell. I believe it is even better than what I had sent in...

Till next time...


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