My friends did not know about my books..

A close friend of mine, whom I graduated with, had no knowledge of my books!

His daughter is in her late teens, she knew nothing about my books!  I gave him a free one, the first one of the series, and she smiled as she said she would read it right away. She loves reading books, and said it would not take her long to get through it. They were from Ontario, over a thousand kilometers away. I probably never seen him in 5 or more years.

My books are all easy reading, and not complicated in matter. They are truly enjoyable, easy reading books. Humor books.

It just goes to point out again,  how E Blogging for 2 years now, tweeting, and now even resorting to Facebooking, how social media truly does not work.

I must admit.  Social media, does not work! At least, not for someone who does not know the ins and outs of it all.

Maybe I do not understand social media enough for to make things work. And I cannot afford the massive ad campaigns that other authors do put up.

Very interesting... Word of mouth has not traveled that far for this cat.. Oh well. We will see how it goes in the next little while..

Till next time..


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