210 friends on Goodreads now!

I decided to up my Goodreads friend count. I have been steady at approximately 160 for a few years now. I see that many people have several hundred or thousands of friends on Goodreads.

Goodreads is the best format I have ever been on for a social networking site. I find it very easy to use, unlike facebook, and even has great features that twitter does not have.

It is probably because I am biased about the book thing, and that you can discuss and rate books there and even have discussions on a wide array of topics.

If you ever read one book, you should join Goodreads. You can rate it, give it a star rating, and even go to win free books on their giveaways.

I will be having a giveaway there in the not so distant future, if all goes well. I am predicting the start date for the end of July right until the end of October.

Besides that we finally got some beautiful weather here in Northern NB. It has been a great past week of hot weather. Whoever chose their vacation time last week, did not lose out.

Time to go, no other news on the book front. Till next time..


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