1st draft in from Part 3

First draft is just in from Part 3 from the editor. I am going through their corrections as we speak. I finished 30 % last night, and by Friday it should be done, if nothing comes up.

Mostly I had problems with comma spacing, parenthesis, numbers are to be written out, % is percentage written in letters, ect ect. I like how the editor placed her comments on the side about the flow, asking if I meant this or that with certain words. There were no huge mistakes in the flow yet. At least the reader did not detect any from the publishing house.

I did once again add some humor to it, but just a few dabs here and there. I think it is coming along quite well, and will do some correction this morning.

This came to me a little faster than I had expected. Have to keep at it. Till next time...


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