When things go backwards in your life for a bit in time.

Things seem to be going backwards for allot of us in this day and age. We see pension plans, especially here in New Brunswick going from Defined Benefit to some sort of an investment benefit. These defined benefit pensions used to be guaranteed depending on your time worked and your age that you left the workforce. These pensions were for government workers, teachers, and energy workers, for instance. Now, they say there is not enough money in the till. So, the benefits will be reduced somewhat when people retire and take out their pensions. It may mean people working longer, for to try to keep up their pensions to levels they can comfortable retire with. And then if the stock market does not perform, then it is all "kakapooh". The politicians pensions probably will not be affected at all. Go figure.

And then the Union says we are looking at the plans, and the pensioners will just have to accept it. Well, seems like allot of other people other than the union are opposed to the plan.
Taxes are going up! We are going, backwards!

Will someone take control of the shift stick and put it in high gear again! Get it out of reverse! I am tired of going, backwards...


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