Only 20 pages to finish "Supermarket Dominium"

Only 20 pages to go until Part 3 is finished. Full of electricity, full of intensity, and jam packed with laughter. It only remains to link a few things up, as I found in some areas of the book I did forget some steps that were taking place in earlier chapters that needed to be brought in to the later chapters.

I will read through it a third time. This should require not much polishing. Then, take it to a editor. Hopefully a local one.

Besides that, I may donate a few of my books to the local libraries in town. If they will accept them. Maybe they got no room on the shelves. I think they will find a place somewhere in there.

Part 4 is 3/4 s done also. But, I will chug along at this one at a slow speed. This one does follow Part 3 in the story very well, and is another twist to another huge world problem. Since demand is low for my books, my speed is in low gear too.

I know allot of people say to always hide the negatives and accentuate the positives. Do not tell them your book is not selling well, and such and such. I see no good in pretending or makin up a fairytale. Good thing is that out of 15 reviews, one was bad, one was good and bad, and the other 13 thus far were super.

Going to be sunny at 9 C today here in Northern NB. The snow lies only in patches around the house now. But deep in the woods, there is still a few feet of snow. It is always cooler inland, and when it rains near the bay sometimes it will snow in the higher, cooler areas more inland.

Going to work on Part 3. Till next time...


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