My Hawaiian fan base is reading my books! Right now!

My Hawaiian friends have begun to read my books! A wonderful lady bought a few for gifts to her friends, who read the book all the way home. Now her friend who gave her the book advised her to follow me!  Wow. She seemed to love my book, and has found happiness again! My Hawaiian team is doing very good at getting the word out there for my books, and how crazy they really are!

My mainland USA branch,  talks the walk but do they walk the block? So far, Hawaii has out shown them by a great amount this month. Reviews are slow to come, and the heat is really on them to pass the puck! Hockey is locked out, it does not mean that you guys cannot score one for The Supermarket Guy! Maybe it is not fair to compare the Mainland USA to Hawaii. Hawaii has a few hundred people, compared to the millions on mainland USA ( I am not Wikipedia, nor ever claim to be)! Within hours, the whole town of Hawaii could know about my books!!!!

Watch out, mainland USA, get your act together! Get some gasoline on that torch, and light up the sky with Supermarket Guy reads!!

Well, Canada, geesh. My own native land?  You know how they treated Jesus, in his own home town. Well,  I am pretty much ignored to, on my own frozen lands..  I am sure Russia loves me more than my own country!

Lets get on the bandwagon again! I only need to sell 800 to produce Part 3. Together, we can form a chain. A chain, a link, a bond that is better than sea bond. Or crazy glue! Talk to your neighbors, your cats, your parrots and get the word out!!! We only got a month or so to go, time is ticking!!!!  I believe in you!!!

Just a note of fancy-  This is just a humor blog. Please do not go out and buy 10s of my books. I do not expect that. Passing the word alone is great enough.. Do not take this seriously- Thanks.. :)

Till next time, an author without a home... 


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