Merle Haggard is coming to town!

The Hag is coming to town, to Bathurst, in a little bit. I bought some tickets. I said, I will take my time buying these tickets. This will be a slow sell, for this town. Especially, the young people would rather see Bruno Mars come to town.. Maybe...

To my surprise, the first 8 sections were sold out!  Just like a George Jones concert! I quickly got seats, in the next section as close to the stage as I could get! It appears it will be a great sell, and maybe sold out come May. I think the concert is around that time. My memory is so bad, but I am sure in a month or two I will check the tickets again to make sure I will not miss it :)

We know of the Hags songs "Okie from Musgokee",  "Branded Man", and the ever famous "Mamma Tried".  We all know mamma's love to try to keep us straight, but their pleading eye denied!

Yes, I will be there at this concert. I may throw out a book of "The Supermarket Guy" right at the Hags guitar, and get it caught between his guitar strings. Together, they may form, a heavenly melody and a new # 1 Hit, for this great country Legend.

Till next time... Christmas is coming, buy my books for all your friends!!!


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