Men in Black, the latest one.

I do not really know which part it is. Men in Black 1, 2, oh it gotta be 3.

What a great film. It has been a long time, since I seen a Sci Fi film or Extraterrestrial film since ET, where I nearly cried in the end.. Nearly..

My heavens, you had a villain named Boris. Usually this should be a warning and tell you that it is boring.. Not so at all. It was a real pleasure to see Tommy Lee Jones future replacement, a younger, talented, clone of his own self.  He got the looks and the voice of him!

But the characters stayed true all through the film. K was the same old rough, dry, style of himself. Agent J is just as groovy as what he was, but Will Smith is probably just playing his own jive self anyways.

Anyways, the film is well done. I bought this film, thinking that I would be disappointed. Not at all. It will be hard to top this one. 5 on 5 for, this film...

Till next 2.5243 days..


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