Learning to play the guitar!

Just had a fender guitar as a Christmas gift, a little while ago. It was a message, to go into a new direction in my spare time. Instead of using it to write books that do not sell, I could listen to music to occupy my time. That is the  message that sunk in to me as of late.

The only problem is, the guitar is a difficult instrument to learn. It may take a year, or so, to get things straight. Maybe longer. They say there are as many guitar notes as you want to create. Meaning to say, a vast dictionary of music notes out there! No use to memorize them all, people say you will never be able to do that! Just try to learn the most used ones, that can enable you to play pretty much any song, at any time. Interesting.

The strings going from the top, are labelled e, a, d, g, b and e minor. 6 strings. I have an auto tuner on my guitar, and when it gets into the green range, the string should be good to go. It measures the vibration of the string, not the sound.  So why does my guitar does not quite sound like the dvd learner?  And why does the dvd guitar lessons I got for Christmas, play too fast for me to pick up what he is doing?

This is going to be a struggle for me. But, I think by years end I could play a few tunes. First work on the finger dexterity, flexing them to one string or the other. I noticed I was not pressing down hard enough on the lower strings, to make the sound I needed. It hurts on your fingers, after awhile. Some people are naturals at the guitar. I just think they are super smart.

This little while back, I have been going on U tube to get some music lessons. Much of the notes, and stuff, is there. I still believe I will require music lessons, from a real human sometime or other (Not from DVD or U tube).

As for my writing, due to the lack of success I have had, it has taken a back seat. Maybe, for good.

Till next time...


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