It is passed.. It is safe to come out of the mudhuts right now!!

2012 /12 . 12 is over!!! So is 2012 /12 /21 is now over too!  The solstice is over ( Pontiac stopped making them long ago, not to mention, there is no more Pontiac- May have caused GM to go bankrupt!). This just in, GM is still making vehicles!!!!

You can all come out of your Mud Huts now!! The danger is past. Astrologers say, it is just that we are heading into a Silver Age. The Golden Age (Pyramids, ect, ect, moon landing) is over. Lets look forward to less spectacular things to happen-  1. A new toilet, the turbo toilet, will revolutionize the flush!

2.1- The attic of your house, will become, the new, closet!!!

3.2.1.a-  Beer is in,  vodka slush sugary drinks are on the way out!! (Finally some real good news and hope for the world!).

Yes, these are the only few, and great things mankind will achieve in the next few thousand years! There is still hope, grab my book and read it. It may bring us back into the age of the Rock again!!


oilers said…
Strange how some people tell me they cannot post on my blog?? This is a test..
Anonymous said…
Hope this blog continues for a long time! I always look forward to reading new insightful posts.
MomiTrainHawaii said…
Some people just need to approve them and maybe you would have more then 2 comments....

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