I met the man that met the man.

Have you ever been lucky enough to meet the man? What I mean is, maybe someone you keep in high esteem. Someone that is a true star in some arena or other. It could be a hockey player, a politician (that is rare), or a movie star.  You get what I mean.

I remember meeting friends who would say "I have met the man". I would say, wow. That is super. You are very lucky to have met the man. The stories fascinate us. Even more so, if they spend a little more than a half hour with the star.  Incredibly lucky if you spend the afternoon with them. A few months, then you are quite the cat yourself.

I met a man today who met an important figure. He told me of the story, of how it all went. Over a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons, a successful Canadian doughnut shop. We must have talked for a half hour. The thing was, he was asking me for advice on how to sell books. Something that I had not much real success with.

But I told him what he should do. What he could do. And what is exposed to work. Contests were the number one gathering of readers, that I ever had. Get it listed on websites, such as Amazon. Get a presence on Goodreads. He told me a few secrets on his writing of his book. It was an incredible thing, to hear the differences with my own publishing. And the incredible success he had, just speaking in front of crowds, and selling the book afterwords.

He was the man, who met a very important man. That is probably the closest i will ever come to, in meeting, the man.. But I consider myself, very fortunate to even have gone that close.

Have a great evening, till next time...


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