I just got to have the 25 th of December off!

The 25 th of December, Christmas day. Everybody wants it off. Yours truly, and many others, had to work much of the holidays in the past. This year I am lucky to have it off as well, as many government workers. There are some years, I do have to be away from family on the 25 th of December. Many of us think that Jesus may have been born a few days, possibly months, before and after the date. The reason my mother left the Christmas lights up until a week past Christmas, was for the old Christmas idea. A Christmas that was marked by a different calender.

When working on the 25th of Dec, the family usually arranges something the day before or the day after, or a few days before or the days that come up. But, there were a few years in the past that stood out for me that was special.

The thing that surprised me of these years, is that the family actually waited to open their gifts, many days after the 25th. I would come in the house. People would smile, laugh and cheer me on. I just arrived after driving through the snow, late as usual, just coming from work. My work finally done for a few days time. They waited, just for me? They did this a few times, and the first time I was overwhelmed that they would wait. Wait for little old me, to get my time off from work, then open the gifts when I had arrived. I got a dart board that year, and some great gifts. More gifts, than the other people there. If it were not for the beer I drank that night, tears may have streamed down my face! The second time they did this, I told them to open the gifts on the 25 th. I insisted that they should not wait for me! They were all off of from their work. I felt guilty, from stealing the 25 th of December from them. That they had to unravel their gifts at a far, later date.

That was truly special.

Did your family ever wait for someone, a few days off from the 25th of December, to open gifts? Did you buy this person more gifts too?  But, more gifts is not the point of the matter at all. I would have been happy with just their presence there, at that time.

All I know, is that the act, made everything truly feel like Christmas... The waiting thing, was a total surprise. I never seen that done before. And, even on that 27th of December, we had turkey and all of the fixings after the gifts were unwrapped...

What I mean to say,  is Christmas is a special time, and we all know the reasons for it. To me, Christmas is more than one day. It is a few weeks before, and even after the 25th. Really, when you come to think of it, it is all year round. Forget about the boom for merchants, the glamour of it all, and just think of togetherness. I truly hope you all get a chance to share time with family and love ones on the normal scheduled day. But if not, hold off on opening the gifts for that nephew or son, daughter, that is coming home late this year.

It will really make them feel what Christmas is all about!

Have a great evening, till next time... I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, if I get caught up in the Holiday bustle!


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