I decided not to go yet.

I have been thinking it over as of late. This strategy of giving up cannot truly work. I never give up. I remember when people told me, you will never do this or that in your life. Well, I did get to many points in my life, and I did actually slow myself down from going farther. Strange indeed.

It helped that two of my fans out of ten told me to continue to blog. They loved my new Yazzieland theme park of ideas. They said it was a place, they truly wished to live in... I reaffirmed it was a great place. Our planets resources managed ecologically, with a system for sustaining the ecosystem. Planting trees, that we take away from the rain forest. Oh, maybe we should just ban cutting in the rain forest all together. Get an agreement on the fisheries, make sure there are fish for future generations.  Gradually get away from pesticides and antibiotics in food. Go natural again.

There are allot of books out there, that tell you to think positive. "The Secret" is one of them. If you think of it, really believe in it, then it will happen. I was always skeptical of that kind of philosophy. But the book is a great seller.  I personally always believed in reality, and dealing with it at the current time. Focus on different angles if one angle is not working right, in a situation. Usually, with time, patience, something will ignite the spark..

Well, this blog will continue for a little while longer. Not sure how long. But, no one really knows the end, do they?

No news on the book, till next time..


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