Have been in high level meetings.

Have been in high level meetings with my relatives, here in Canada. No way, do they think it is wise, for me to produce Part III of The Supermarket Guy:  Supermarketdominium. Grandpa said I am far to way out on a different genre, that does not appeal to the young folk. Dad said it was not generating enough sales to cover production. My wife said she would let me eat tv dinners for the rest of my life, if I went ahead with a Part 3. Some TV dinners are delicious, by the way. All the time though, nah.

My dog, Pushkin, said I would be better off talking her to the park more often.

That is where it all stands.

I do not regret making the series. I had allot of fun, and it was a wonderful period in my lifetime. Being a struggling author, does have some interesting times. They say it is when you are at the top, that you become lost. When you strive, work, so hard to get to the top and then you make it. You achieve a good feeling, but then a loss comes into play. I do think the best part of it all, is the struggle to make it there. At the top, you look around. You done it all, haven't you now? What is next? Can you achieve what you have done again?

You see many superstars, in sports, business, that have done tremendous works. Hockey players that do not want to quit in their late 30s, that had high seasons in their 20s. Never to be emulated again. Writers, that have had blockbusters, earlier on, that cannot be surpassed again. This leads many into a depression.

Yet, I would not be able to share their feelings after success has hit. I never made it that far. Maybe never will, at least, in this trade. But from looking from outside of the glass, I can say they were lucky to have hit it, at least even once.

Have a great afternoon, till the next 3 days..


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