Father Andre In Montreal, the famous St Joseph Oratory.

I started to actually advertise for a friend in the local area a little while back on some social media. His story was about an unexplained event, where the doctors could not answer on how it was remedied.

This story of course, focuses around a famous Canadian Saint who built the St Joseph Oratory in Montreal. Below is a link to the book and the St Joseph Oratory site.


The Saint lived a with lack physical health, yet is said to have healed many in St Josephs name. He raised monies over time for to build the beautiful Oratory in St Josephs name, which now lies in the great city of Montreal.

The proceeds to Mr. Ouellettes book goes towards helping the sick and the poor. There is no way to lose here. Two great reasons to buy it, not only for its wonderful story of a life changing event, but the profits from the book goes to lift someone up who is down on their luck.

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