Crazy night brings about crazy thoughts.

Driving home from my Dads place, I met somebody driving with their brights on. I quickly flashed my brights, at least 500 feet away. The vehicle would not turn off their lights. I then flashed my brights again real quick, and gave the a---hole comment. Then I seen the side of the vehicle, was a police car, as it rode on past me. I let out a giggle. I thought, watch if he comes back and fines me. Well, he had his brights on. It was a new cruiser with beautiful high bright white lights. Made it even worse on the eyes.  He did not turn back. I think he knew he was above the law, anyways, on that one...

Oh, and in this blog when I first started it, I talked about having 10 fans. I always said, for my ten fans I will do this or that. At that time, I may have had 2 fans a long time ago. Probably a year and a half ago. Now I really do have, 10 fans. On Goodreads. This is really funny, to myself, personally. Other authors have hundreds, or thousands of fans. I have actually achieved my joke on myself, and it took me a year and a half to get there. Oh well.

Strange.. How odd things, just happen... Takes time for some of these strange things to take place.. Till next time...


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