Contractors are quite the cats at times.

You call a contractor for a job. They tell you on the phone, they will be there tomorrow. In the afternoon between certain hours. You wait. You put off your affairs, and the clock ticks past the suggested time frame of the meet. So much for the first check evaluation.

I call back again a little later in the afternoon. No answer. After waiting an hour, another call. Finally the absentee picks up the phone. I ask again, when will he come to check out the job. He is unsure at the moment, but continues on that line of thought.

Simply I put it to him this way :  If you are too busy to do the job, just tell me. Do not waste both of our time. He then coughs up, and admits that he is too busy working on other projects to do the job. Thanks for writing off an afternoon of my time. He may have lost some future business from me. I had another project for next fall, a big project, but his company will not have the chance to get work from it.

Why is it so hard for a contractor, to just say, "Sorry, we do not have time for it. We are too busy at the moment".  Then I would understand, and even try the contractor again for future work. I find this sort of thing happens quite often. Maybe I am the only one? Maybe it has happened to you, the reader, too!

Where you wait for a contractor to show up, waste your morning, afternoon, or just plain important time. I seen myself wait a few times for scheduled work at my place. It made me so furious, that I went to their office and exclaimed that I will never get work from such and such a company again! I even chose to pay higher rates for business, that was just on time.

I do wonder if this sort of thing happens in England? USA? Jamaica? The world as a whole?

The message is to contractors that are too busy:  Be honest, tell the people who want your business if you have the time for it or not. Do not leave them wasting their day, waiting for you! Beware. Consumers have the memory of an elephant.

Till next time.... 8 days until blog is just a memory..


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