Cold and windy day, minus 20 C coming this way!

Exposed to turn really cold by the middle of this week. In Northern NB, already the winds have picked up, and even at minus 6 with the windchill, it feels like minus 15 C or so.

We are more used to the warm winters now, that perhaps we are getting unaccustomed to the cold. Isn't that  strange to say.

Wrote 4 pages of Part 4 last night. Had to backtrack, improvise, and get back on track. I was heading in the wrong direction, but it took a bit of a pause in my writing to figure something out. And in the end, it has come together to get another 4 or so pages done again to some other point in the future writing scheme of things.

Then, I will be looking for link ups, right until the finally.

Part 4 is mid way finished. It does need to be finessed again, maybe a few times over. I am hoping it will come together alright in the end.

Well, time to go rotate winter tires. The treads are looking a bit worn on the back. Till next time... Have a good afternoon...


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