Christmas decorations are up.

Put out my Christmas decorations the other day. The wind came, huffed and puffed, and blew my two reindeer down. I put them back on their footing, and attached strings and sunk some spikes in the ground. The fine rope and anchors should do the trick. The ground is not frozen here yet, which is odd for this time of the year.

I have a reindeer, a moose, a snowman, a dog, as lit up displays. Then a full tree of lights, a wreath, and some garlands around the deck. The tree in the house, I will have to put up real soon. I remember when I was young, 2 weeks before Christmas was the time when people put up their decorations. It has gotten earlier and earlier over the years, yet in some areas less decorations as what was back when I was a young stallion.

I threw away two old reindeer. It seems only half of it would light up. I replaced them this year with the moose and the other reindeer. It was a little frustrating, as I had those two reindeer only 3 years or so. I got really close to them, gave then names, and even told them my problems now and then (Ok so, he is crazy).

Not quite, but crazy to have bought two more. I just hope they figured out the problems, and will work a little longer than the old time limit.

No news on the book front.. 9 days and this blog will be nothing but "Dust in the wind"- by Kansas...


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