Boxing day specials!

I know many will be hitting the malls today, to get to those boxing day specials. I will be taking a tour to see just how busy it really is in this neck of the woods. You would think, everyone would be shopped out just before Christmas! But, if you can save 40 % on some brand name items, it produces a frenzy to get to the shopping malls!

Personally, I am not geared to get up that early, to get in the line ups to rush for the savings. I did go once, to a locals retailers 50 % off event. This was not a boxing day event, that I can think of. But, the line ups around the specials, were huge. People grabbing stuff. One lady had a package in her hand, just to be snatched up by some other guy. I found that was a little too much. And when I went for stuff that I really wanted, allot of the cupboards were bare. I should have gotten up earlier.  Way earlier. Maybe tent outside?

I hope this year the boxing day event goes well, and everyone respects each other in the malls. No pushing, jostling, or grabbing the football from the opposite team.

It is, the holidays, afterall.. Till next time.. No news on the book!

* Quick note, as I went through our local town, everything was closed on Boxing Day! Only McDonalds, and some gas stations, a few convenience stores were open. These next 3 days are probably the boxing week sales days, starting now around this area!


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