A fan questioned my age awhile ago!

A fan did not believe that I was a middle aged man. She thought I could be in my 80s, on the beach in Brazil in Rio DeJanario. Well, that could be a future scenario (Most likely not), but right now there I am in the right hand side of this web page. Doing something I used to do so well in my 20s. Weight training, and drinking beer. The drinking beer thing has to be moderated a bit. Drink in moderation, trust me.

In my 30s now, I have recently felt a surge of when I was in my days at 21. At 21, probably was the range when I was the strongest in my training. But I was following the regiment religiously, going to the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week. Now, I am lucky to get in 2 times a week at training. If it was not for the legendary Joes Gym that is still operating in J.R. -  A picture taken there, near the legendary J.R. beach on the Baie of Chaleur.

Now in my 30s, I do feel discomfort here and there. I do feel slight pains, back, shoulder, and knee at times. These pains do come and go though, and the shoulder does bother me the worse (an injury I got when I was 21, lifting too much weight at an awkward position).  This week I have felt great though. These pains were mostly gone, and I did feel like when I was a young Sylvester Stallone fan!

There you have it. At one of my fans request! A picture of the Author! Wow! A human light source at the left side, and a human light source at the left (Suggesting a window to escape!). Perhaps a picture that should be placed on the cover of disco magazine..

Till next time.. No news on the book, as usual ...


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