Progress on Part 4 to date

Part 4 has been doing very well. It will probably surpass Part 2 s length most certainly, and may come close to Part 3 s length which was 300 pages.

Part 4 only has perhaps a scene and a half left,  and then the touch ups. As stated previously, I need to read through it several times, and then add or probably delete some items. The ending is an epic fight, with lava flows, and the world on edge! The world could self destruct in an instant!

Will I be able to finish the book, by January of 2015?  To have published by June of 2015 ( it takes usually 4 to 6 months to publish once in the process, and I have previously submitted the book covers to make it go faster) I could wait until the fall of next year too, as the market is not open to my sort of style of writing. My fans are not actually waiting at the doorstep for Part 4. Maybe I could should just shelve it. Not sure what to do lately.

By submitting the book covers, I have done very poorly at attracting an audience. Do I need someone else to draw out the front cover?  Or should I draw it out again, but this time take a longer time to guarantee a better result? What do you think of my book covers? I had definitely, mixed reviews on my covers. Makes me think I missed the mark by a wide margin of hit or miss.

I hope I can publish Part 4. It will be done on the cheap this time, and will try to look for a local editor, perhaps. Only available in kindle, or in paperback. One or the other. Depends on the cost of editing this time. The cost vs actual return is really putting this novel on the back burner, big time.

But, I will finish it. That is probably enough to say, that eventually, someday, it will be released in the not as much so prettiest way.

Till next time.


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