Part 4 is getting there..

Part 4 is now around 62 000 words, and only the last battle scene to finalize. Need to dot the i's, and cross the t's.  This will be close to Part 3's length, that is for certain. I am sure to get at least over a thousand pages total of odd situation humor, a milestone I hope I can achieve in the near future.

I probably will finish it this week, and then the second and third readings, spell checking each time, and then probably look for a local editor to keep costs down. Hoping to find someone in the area that can do some great editing for me, and they will get a free read too! Tell me what does not tie up in the book, and what should be left in or left out of the process, to a small degree. There is an old friend in the area, who I can talk to about this. I think he can lead me to an editor, if he does not have the time to do it himself.

The book cover will probably be drawn out by yours truly again, and I already have a few ideas for it. There is a space shuttle or vessel in this book, so I may place it on the cover if I can conceptualize its true form in the next little while. This cover should be a good one, placing many of the elements the main character runs in to from the book from time to time...

Time to go, but things are going good on the writing side of things.. Till next time.


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