Missed deadlines and what not

Sure, I set a deadline in my head. To be finished of Part 4 before Christmas. I am thinking that I will not be able to reach that set deadline, in my head. Not to worry, there is no one knocking at the door for its creation. My fans are not screaming into the streets, or creating mayhem down the road. That possibly was the other reason for its late creation. It may have severed its creation completely. But, the great reviews and ratings tallied up so far, was the main reason for the continuation of the series. Out of 44 reviews or ratings, it was a rarity to get under a 2 star rating. Very rare, for this series, which helped the series get to a Part 4.

And Part 4 could have been done several months ago, I am sure, if its popularity would have been high. Family members would have been more understanding towards its creation, and probably would have left me with more time to work at it. It could have been completed this early fall, if things went the other way.

But when do things go completely one way or the other for us? For everybody? I never make plans any longer, as usually those plans are completely changed when put into work. I just let things flow, and hope for to get to a finish line of some sort in the ever so near or far future.

People asked me if I enjoyed writing. If you truly enjoy writing, you will finish Part 4, they told me. Great advice. I am nearly complete of Part 4. Just the paying part, I do not like ;)  It is usually  money that stops great people from doing great things. It acts like a barrier, stopping you from starting that business, getting the tools you need to complete your task. Trying to evaluate the costs, trying to say they are worth it? If you like what you are doing, I guess they are, worth it. But for some people out there, struggling authors, whose works are covered by the millions and millions of books that come out, it is a struggling process...

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