Christmas miracles... and the real deal.

Christmas miracles. Not sure if you had one. A sick relative coming home from the holidays of a near fatal illness, a person seen not for many lost decades gone by, a friendship renewed over old quarrels.

Christmas miracles, are the true gift of Christmas. Yours truly, only had the chance to meet one person who had claimed to be touched by a miracle of sorts. I thought, and still do, believe I was truly blessed to hear this persons testimony of his miraculous healing. It took me aback, and realized that there is some wonderful things that can indeed happen to people around the holiday season, or during the year at any time at all.

Although rare, we all champion them, and we all hope they can break the chains of despair. Somehow these stories keep us going, and keep us wondering on how such events can be explained by modern science. Breaking all common explanations, watching some predicaments go the other way.

It could be a persons thought pattern, an alcoholic giving up the booze, a drug addict making himself clean, or any other addict coming home to the safety of family and friends. To try a new start on life. I think we all hope and wish you the best of success, in the New Year, in no matter what you do.

The real deal. The sad part, of living with no miracles. No hope. No thinking that anything is going to get any better. No one truly probably takes that direction in thinking on life. Thinking as with time, age, things, get worse. Cannot really see it that way, somehow.

Miracles. Nope, I never been apart of one. But, I sure hope that you, the reader, become a part of a good one, somewhere, somehow. Thanks for reading with me along the years.

Till next time... Merry Christmas... And, yes, Part 4 has only 1/2 scene done... Till completion...


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