Part 4 at 60 000 words so far.

Part 4 is at 60 000 words so far, and there is approximately one scene to finish. Then, the big job of going through the grammar and spell check, cutting out some cheesy elements, or adding detail to many situations in the many hysterics that take place within the first draft.

I am very pleased with this volume of the series. It maybe, just as great as the rest of them. I feel it holds true to the series, in its zany fashion with its characters and what not. Maybe it could be the best in the total of 4 series, but each volume is very special in their own way.

Not sure right now if it will be as big as Part 3, but it could very well match it once I get into the editing and what not. Never found cleaning up the mess I created fun stuff. If you are a writer, and going through your own material not once, but twice, three times, it can be tiring and exhausting at times. And then once you send it to get edited somewhere else, it comes back, you have to go through it probably once or twice-- maybe three times, again till you are well satisfied with the end result. And if you miss something in the que, well, that is not fun to get it back once it is in print, either....

I hope I can publish this volume. It will be the final book, unless sales do happen. I had plans for a book of poetry ( humor), and a Part 1 to this volume ( a beginning through the baby years to the teenage years of the main character), and a Part 5 somewhere down the road. Maybe a part 6, so that would add up to 8 volumes if I had the ideas to continue on, bar no writing blocks.

Then after that, some different series. Expand into different areas. Maybe into horror, suspense, drama, or continue on into the humor realm. Have to see what happens after this book, should I complete it.

Hopefully I can figure a way to do it..  Till next time.


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