Work this weekend stalled progress on Part 4.

12 hr shifts have put the wall up for any work to be done on my book. It just mentally drains me, not physically. 12 hrs of monotonous work, can do that to a person. It is a good thing I got shift workers with me to make the place a more lighter side of life! Just that you get into a routine at work, sometimes, especially when working at one location.

To be quite honest, I can churn out a book every 4 months. I could have probably had another 4 books done by now, besides the two I churned out a year ago.

This is if things flow relatively well. The ideas have to continue to flow. You need time, and not to rush things.  If one thing I find, if a person does write for 8 hrs a day, you perhaps end up with allot of burned ideas turning up on the page. But, not everyone is probably like this.

Rarely I do write for 8 hrs straight. Sometimes I will go at it for an hour or two straight. Get up, get a coffee or tea, or beer, then go at it for another hour or two. Breaks may last approximately 20 minutes, during some mental blocks.

4 hrs straight is a great writing stretch in a day. It does not mentally exhaust you for the next day, when you say "Oh drat, I have to start writing again today!". The energy levels are there, and your mind feels fresh like a bar of Irish Spring Soap..

Have a great day (no news on the book front), till next time....


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