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Water Levels extremely high in New Brunswick.

Just in driving by a few local streams and rivers, the levels were 4 to 6 times the normal flows. In some of the rivers, you could see some ice jams coming down the river. Last night, as reported by CBC news, a family had to be rescued from the middle river as they were surrounded by water. Local rescuers could not rescue them, and a call was made to the coast guard helicopter in Nova Scotia to come up and pull them out.

The last 7 days of above 12 C, with blistering winds, helped to reduce the snow down from 6 feet in my yard, to barely two feet now.

My father did have water in his basement this year. Some years, he has none. He plugged in his temporary sump pump, which was already hooked up and ready to go. His basement is not finished, so it did not matter that the water rose. Just that he does not like to see it rise to high, as it could get into some electrical apparatus. Some of my neighbors, who do have finished basements, do not like to see a fast melt with rain. This year, we had no rain, but we did have a fast melt. I think my neighbors are better set up with sump pumps and the like, and the problems are less of a worry now. Those whose sump pump cannot  keep up, there are problems. I know most insurance policies do not cover  water damage, unless a pipe breaks in your water system for your house. Damage to a basement, maybe into the 4 to 5 thousand dollar range, depending what finishing is laid down there.

I thought we were lucky with having no rain with the snow. I guess the hot temperatures successively like that, is just as bad. Fredericton said by maybe Saturday the flood level maybe attained. This is our Capital city, which lies on the Saint John River.


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