The sun is out and Plus 7 in Northern NB.

The sun is out, and it is plus 7 in Northern New Brunswick. The snow base is melting away slowly, and soon there will be not enough snow to skii doo.

The Ski hills should be still good for the next 2 weeks or more, as they do have snow machines to keep the base up. But, the Ski Doo season was alright this year if you had the time to get out there on the machines to enjoy it.

On twitter, I received another 3 friends today. I am up to 183 friends, without asking anyone for a follow. I do follow back, if the person that asks has a good page and a good angle to their tweets. Usually I accept everyone anyways.

Snow storm coming tomorrow, 10 to 15 cm then over into Weds. This will ensure more ski doo time and downhill skiing time. I bought a pair of cross country skiis, but to my dismay, I had no time to use them yet. I was sick with a cough for a 2 weeks, and could not take the chance to venture out into the wild. I start to sweat, then the cold hits the hot and it makes me cough sometimes even worse. This is what happens when you are a bit Asthmatic. Puffers needed sometimes.  Have a good day,  till next time.


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