The snow is 1/3 gone from Northern New Brunswick

We were one of the lonely areas of Canada where, the snow did stay on the ground. In Montreal, there was no snow. I Alberta, the snow did not stay on the ground as well. But, in Alberta, they require and hope to have a snow base for to help give up water to its fields when the sun hits it. This year, they will be hoping for early rain as there was no snow covering their fields for awhile. Drought conditions are hard on farmers.

My coughing has reduces significantly, to maybe once every hour or so. I continue to take the antibiotics, and puffers. Yesterday I watched a report on the CBC about asbestos brakes. A mechanic had lung problems as a result, cancer, and many operations to help him live again. Asbestos in brakes, and as they hit the side of the steel drum, they accumulate there inside. I seen mechanics use air tools to blow the dust away. None used any masks or any type of filter. They all should use a filter, when working around any automotive dust. I think about my work place often enough, as I do work at a dusty plant. I have no choice, but to wear a respirator. And I do so anytime I enter the plant. It is just that when the sun peers through a window, you can see the small particles flying around there. It is not the healthiest place to be, but a job is a job.

Asbestos brake pads will be banned by the Ontario Legislature, maybe today. They hope that the federal government will ban it altogether. In our country, there does exist an Asbestos mine in Quebec that is still operating. They sell Asbestos to under developed countries. I disagree completely with this policy, and understand that the jobs are the only reason why the mine is still in operation today. But to offload a problem on a poor country, is not a good export policy. Hopefully the government of Quebec will stop the asbestos mine, and cover the mine up.

When you think, of all the particles we breath in, while walking in town. Brake dust, tire rubber, exhaust smoke, even radiation from the Japanese plant (Small amount over a year like a chest x ray), we breath in pollution from industry and manufacturing that we do not know about. I know I will be supporting the lung foundation this year, and we hope for a cleaner air someday. All these improvements to the environment that we are undertaking, will surely help.  Have a good day,  till next time.


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