Seemed better for 15 minutes on getting up with the cough! Just an illusion.

When you wake up, from a cough, it is good for awhile. The first 15 minutes you do not cough. If you are asthematic brochiatic like me, once you are at rest, usually you will not cough. Getting to sleep is hard, as I will cough for hours before the fatigue wins the cough over. I am taking my two puffers and medication, and I think it seems to be helping (not much now in the afternoon). I did cough up a little more phlegm than usual. Nothing like the old days when they would give you a full blast of antibiotics and cough medicine with the old codine. But, with the limiting use of the antibiotics, now we deal with different drugs. This afternoon my head is pounding, and was coughing steady for hours. I am getting headaches with ever cough I do. I feel terrible.

It is should be much easier this time for correcting Part 2, as my spacing and my smaller details were not as bad for them to correct. Part 1 was all mashed up like potatoes in errors on the side of the page. This time, they are all there in french fries. Lot easier to make out, a lot easier to correct. I use to many "as",  and "then" in my writing. I also use too much descriptive in my writing that I did not need to use. It is a good thing I take it through the Editor to find out my foolish errors in English writing. I really have no choice in the matter. There was some errors that I found they may have made, but very few. 2 so far, but everyone makes errors. This is nothing really, compared to the humongous job of correcting my insane work. Once again, the 1, 2, 3 numbers I placed in the text were wrong again. I had to spell them out as words. If it was 80.10 for instance I could leave it as such. All things that they do correct. Whoops.

As far as twitter goes, I have now 80 followers. I gained 10 just in one day last night. It is an interesting format. I usually follow the people that follow me, as they are all great people that are following me. Well, That is it for now. My cough actually held of for a bit. A bit of a breather. Have a good day, till then..


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