Part 2 Rise of the Market Overlord

Part 2 was corrected yesterday. Did not take me long to do, but when sick as I am with headaches, from coughing non stop, it was a tough thing to go through. I am coughing a little less now. This always happens in the morning, and then It goes full blast in the afternoon. Calm before the storm. Usually. The medication also makes me to to pee every hour or two. And, I drink allot of vitamin C, Herbal Teas, ect, to try to help. I find not much helps.  Today will be the true indicator if the cough goes away. They say the whooping cough, is contagious among children. They go as far as there. My cough, I always had this cough since I was a child. I would not be able to stop coughing, at times for 2 weeks. It comes and goes. Sometimes I never catch it for 2 years. Other times, every year. Sometimes it battles off faster than others. This year it has been a real nag. One man I met said he had the cough for 5 weeks. My cousin had the cough for a period of many weeks too. We all get sick, now and then, and we know it is not fun. I did eat allot of garlic yesterday, which seemed to help. Or was it just the medication finally kicking in?

As far as my corrections yesterday, they were minor. Just some things for flow. A lot of sentence commas in the wrong place, use this word instead of that word, delete allot of 'then then' or 'as as' in my sentences. I do find a difference in editors at Dog Ear this year. Difference in style. I do find the first editing done on Part 1 was meticulous. It was tough to go through, and they gave a huge amount  of advice on flow. This time, there was no advice on the flow of the book. Maybe they understood everything what was going on. I hope so. I will call to see what the change in editors were. He or she did a good job as well. At any rate, the book is now on the fast track. Not much can stop it now, from becoming The Supermarket Guy Part 2: Rise of the Market Overlord.  Have a good day, till then..


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